International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day 2015 Kickoff (USA)

International Podcast Day began with a kickoff session with the founders Steve Lee, Daniel J. Lewis, Dave Lee and Ray Ortega. Covered in the session is the history of International Podcast Day, the event schedule and a peak of the content subjects over the next 31 plus hours and the first International Podcast Day Gratitude award.

What We’ve Learned Podcasting (AUS)

From Australia, Matt and Beau from The Netflix Queue Podcast take you through their podcasting journey from start to finish.  They detail what they’ve learned podcasting since launching in 2010.  They talk about the mistakes they made, things they would change, and things they did right.

Podcasting to a Local Audience (NZ)

Paul Spain (host of NZ Tech Podcast) and friends join the Blab from New Zealand to talk about podcasting to a local audience – how to reach them, how to maintain the relationship, and much more.

The Chaos of Community Podcasts (AUS)

Cullen, editor of EATT Magazine, is joined by three friends to talk about the chaos of community podcasting, both the good and the difficult.  They discuss how event recordings spell a new nightmare and how people, passion, and excitement can spell success.

Generating Profit Through Podcasting (AUS)

Cameron Reilly, host of The Life of Caesar, runs us through the variety of methods he has used to generate profit through his podcast.  Cameron provides some amazing insights into what may or may not work for you and your podcast.

Television & Film Podcasting (USA)

Darrell Darnell, owner of Golden Spiral Media Podcasts, is joined by a number of fellow podcasters during this session.  They cover a range of topic in the category of television and film podcasting.  If you’re into TV and film, this is a session you will definitely enjoy.

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