1. It’s Always About Your Audience.
Start with your audience. What do they want to hear? Where are they? How old are they?  What are their pains?

2. What is your passion?
What would you talk about if you were not getting paid? What would you talk about if nobody is listening?

3. What is the goal of your podcast (To get the word out? Find Like Minded People? Sell a products? Have fun? etc)

You want to find topic where all three of the above share a common ground. You want to talk about things that you are passionate about, that your audience wants to hear and that fulfill the goals of your show.

It Takes Time

If you are looking to make money (especially fast) then you may need to readjust your expectations. Most podcasters do not make money from their actual podcast but through things like advertising, affiliate marketing, selling of products or services, and donations. These only happen after  you’ve built up a relationship with your audience and they know,like, and trust you. This takes time. This is why many podcasters (who get into podcasting solely for the money) never make it past episode 7.

Production Time

It is typically accepted that if you are doing this all on yoru own, to create 1 minute of finished audio podcast it takes four minutes. This a 15 minute podcast would take one hour to produce. Why? Because you have to research your subject, record it edit it, tag and upload it, and write some notes about it. By the time you have accomplished this you typically are in the “4 to 1” ball park of producing a podcast. If you are doing video, it is estimated that it may be closer to 10 to 1. There are things you can do to cut this time down, but for many podcasters this is the norm.

Don’t Try To Be Someone Else

While there are  some podcasters who have become very successful, they have done this by being themselves and bringing something that is unique and valuable to their audience.While their success is inspiring, don’t underestimate the power of being YOU. Your experiences, insights, and history makes your perspective like no other.  If you want to do a show like someone else’s podcast, take their idea, their topic, and inject YOU into it. Make your show unique. You can’t beat someone at being themselves. You have to be YOU.