Hello International Podcasters,
Blubrry Podcasting has been involved in International Podcast Day – a special worldwide celebration – since its inaugural year, and we’re psyched to host two sessions this weekend. Launched in 2005, we have been providing podcasters with resources, services and information ever since. We’ve evolved, of course, and currently our primary offerings are media hosting, podcast stats, a free PowerPress WordPress plugin, and a managed WordPress website that’s included with every hosting account.
Podcasting creates the ability for people all over the world to connect. Be it the latest crime mystery, political insight or tech debate, you can listen wherever and whenever to someone across the globe. As podcasters, you’re aware of how humbling it can be to see downloads from someone in a country you’ve never even visited. It’s easier than ever to virtually connect with anyone, but so often we don’t make an effort to reach out. That’s where International Podcast Day comes in.
A collective brainpower is infinitely more valuable than one-off ideas, and that’s what this day provides. On September 30 we’re looking forward to learning from podcasters in 16 different countries and celebrating the power of podcasts.
On International Podcast Day, we challenge you to recommend a podcast to a friend or help someone start their own podcast. Don’t recommend the show you love, recommend one that you think they will enjoy. Show your leadership by teaching them how to submit to Apple or edit their first episode because it can be intimidating. It takes a village for a podcast to thrive, and we’re intent on making sure this village of podcasters and listeners continues to grow.
Thanks, looking forward to hanging out soon!
The Blubrry Team