#PodcastDay Kick Off – Welcome & Event Schedule

International #PodcastDay will began with a kickoff session with Steve Lee (Founder) and Dave Lee (Co-Founder), covered the history of the event, the event schedule, Podcast Day Gratitude award, and highlights of what to expect over the next 30+ hours of live video streaming.

Vanessa Baxter – Living The Dream

Vanessa Baxter of Food, Family, and Friends Podcast – A passionate and well known Foodie in NZ and Australia, Vanessa Baxter shares her journey where food has always consumed her choices. From anorexia as a Uni student, to travelling the world of food literally, to becoming a finalist on MasterChef to the wonderful moment of being confident enough to share others’ stories via her unique podcast – Food Family & Friends.

Holly Galbraith and Dan Lizette – The Trigger to Starting Your Own Podcast

Holly Galbraith of Tourism Upgrade and Dan Lizette of The Podcast Digest – What made you launch you podcast?  Holly shares her story of what triggered her to start her podcast about the tourism industry. Dan shares his story behind the beginning and evolution of his podcast.

Stephen Hart – Stories of Successful Black Entrepreneurs

Stephen Hart of The Trailblazers Podcast – Exploring stories of successful black business professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Stephen highlights the knowledge, resources, and tools of today’s most accomplished professionals, to help provide the know-how, confidence and motivation you need to blaze your trail.

Dave Jackson – The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary

Dave Jackson – The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary is a journey through the world of podcasting uncovering the magic behind why podcasters do what they do. #ThisIsMyMessage

Darrell Darnell – Film & Television Podcasting

Darrell Darnell of Golden Spiral Media and Pro Podcast Solutions – Join a number of fellow podcasters during this session that cover a range of television and film podcasting.  If you’re into TV and film, this is a session you will definitely enjoy.

Rajesh Tahil & Vikram Doctor – Growing a Podcast Network in India

Rajesh Tahil and Vikram Doctor of Audiomatic – The growing interest of podcasting in India and the creation of the first podcast network in India.  Podcasting is relatively new and small so they share some of the interesting lessons learned from getting listeners and competing in a market with no exposure to public radio.

Nicholla Hall – Podcasting in the United Arab Emirates and Connecting with Entrepreneurs

Nicholla Hall of The Learning Curve Podcast – My show shares interviews with Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East sharing their stories on building thriving businesses. We will discuss this as well as discuss podcasting in the UAE and how it is developing as well as using it as a platform to support business. Khaled Ghorab from ‘Khaled Talks’ podcast will be joining as well.

Dave Lee – Podcast Chatter

Dave Lee of International Podcast Day – Dave is inviting other podcasters to join him in a chatter about podcasting, your podcast, and the stories that make your podcast unique.

Ran Levi – How To Craft the Perfect Story

Ran Levi of Curious Mind – A great story is the foundation of every great episode, whatever the topic. In this session, Ran shares his storytelling experience as an author and a successful podcaster for 8 years.

Lena Gothberg – Storytelling From an Old-Fashioned Industry

Lena Gothberg of Shipping Podcast – How my passion for an old-fashioned industry with the best conditions for storytelling, the shipping industry, made me become a podcaster and tell the world about this hidden industry.

Annie Sargent – Do This If You’d Like to Have a Horrible Time in France

Annie Sargent of Join Us in France Travel Podcast – Things that you need to know in order to have a good time in France. It’s not rocket science, but we Frenchies have some some strange buttons that you should not push.

Kelly Baader – See Beyond Your Now!

Kelly Baader of Godly M.B.A (Marketing Beyond Ambition) Podcast – Redefine the definition of marketing and stand out in the marketplace by design!

Yann ilunga – Podcasts As a Business Asset

Yann ilunga of 360 Entrepeneur – Learn how to leverage podcasts as an actual business asset – whether you’re a podcast host or guest!

Craig Wealand & Pilar Orti – Uncovering Spanish Podcasting

Craig Wealand and Pilar Orti of En Clave de Podcast – In this bilingual session, Craig of Ingles Podcast and Pilar of Virtual Not Distant will share what they’ve discovered about podcasting in Spain and will be joined by a range of Spanish podcasters.

Adela Mizrachi – Podcast Brunch Club

Adela Mizrachi of Podcast Brunch Club – Podcast Brunch Club is like book club, but for podcasts. Get a taste of what a Podcast Brunch Club (PBC) meeting looks like as Adela, the founder of PBC, and a few guests discuss the September listening list (theme: higher education).

Kathryn Bryant & Julian Illman – Why We Podcast & Podcast Divas

Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman of Changeability Podcast – Why we started two podcasts, what we’ve learned in the process, and the opportunities and benefits podcasting has brought us and can bring others.  Plus Kathryn shares about Podcast Divas, which features fabulous female podcasters with the aim of getting more women into podcasting.

Jason Bryant – Creation of a Podcast Network: Epiphany to Entertainment

Jason Bryant of Mat Talk Online – Jason shares his podcasting journey and the creation of his wrestling podcast network!

Gary Leland & John Lee Dumas – Podcasting and Entrepreneurship

Gary Leland and John Lee Dumas both love using podcasts as a core element in their business endeavors. Find out why podcasting is a great tool for any entrepreneur.

Blubrry (Platinum Sponsor) – From Branding to Promotion

The Blubrry team joins the #PodcastDay stream! Putting it all together – optimizing your branding, podcast feed, and website to successfully promote your podcast. We will discuss podcast artwork, website players and subscribe tools, optimizing podcast feeds for search and tips utilizing everything discussed for promoting your podcast.

This week only, use the promo code Blubrry3M for 3 months free hosting at Blubrry. The promo code includes free migration, pro stats, and a free WordPress site, if needed. Otherwise, Power up with PowerPress. Promotion ends the night of September 30.

Hani Mourra – How To Start a Podcast in 30 Minutes Live Demo

Hani Mourra of SimplePodcastPress (Silver Sponsor) – In the live stream, Hani attempts to create a podcast from scratch, publish it, and create a brand new podcast website for it so people can see the entire process live.

Spreaker (Gold Sponsor) – Past, Present and Future of Podcasting

Spreaker’s Head of Content Rob Greenlee hosts Past, Present and Future of Podcasting with guests Rob Cesternino, Host of “Rob Has A Podcast” that has won many podcast awards, Ken Rutkowski, very early online audio show pioneer at and current host of “Business Rockstars” Radio Show, and Francesco Baschieri (CEO of

The Real Brian – My Podcasting Journey

The Real Brian of The Real Brian Show – The Real Brian talks about his career in podcasting, the track he’s taken, and his crazy journey.  With a new show coming, he shares his story of growing a podcast from the ground up.  He is then joined by Dave Lee, CoFounder of PodcastDay to chat back and forth about podcasting and the evolution of the event.

Janine Toro – Highlighting the LGBT Community

Janine Toro of Naked and Inside Out – Naked & Inside Out is on location at Google in Mountain View, CA talking tech, the LGBT community, and all the things in between.

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel – Value of Curiosity and Appreciation

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel of Positivity Strategist – Offering a lens and a framework that bring out the best in podcasters, their guests and their audiences – it’s about co-creation and the relational process.

Nina Babel – Happy Hour with the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast

Nina Babel of Keep it 100 Girl Podcast – Nina will talk about her podcast journey, her passion and purpose getting men and women to tell the truth nothing but the truth even if it’s totally embarrassing or super cray cray. She will invite listeners and shine the light on fellow minority podcasters and former guests on what they’ve learned from her show and celebrating embarrassment.

Daniel J. Lewis – Gratitude Award Ceremony and The Importance of iTunes Rankings, Ratings, and Reviews

Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast and My Podcast Reviews – Daniel announces the 2016 International Podcast Day Gratitude Award Winner.  To celebrate the internationality of podcasting, the 2016 International Podcast Day Gratitude Award will recognize the podcast with the most engaged global audience, as measured through international podcast reviews in iTunes. This year’s winner will be awarded a beautiful plaque from the Podcast Day planners, a free year of My Podcast Reviews premium account, and an Audio Branding Package compliments of Music Radio Creative (value of £229)!  In addition, Daniel will be discussing the importance of iTunes Rankings, Ratings and Reviews.

Jason Norris – The Difference of Localized Podcasting

Jason Norris of OnTheGo – Discover the difference a local podcast can make in your community. Through making connections with local podcasters, Jason talks about the growing area of localized podcasting.

Joss Green – Creating International Relationships

Joss Green of Punto Primario – Famed podcaster in the Latin American territory thanks to their efforts and their courses of podcasting managed to break into the podcast applications worldwide. Now is producer and director of his own podcast network called  Joss shares this story of establishing and creating international communities by connecting with individuals and business in Europe.

Blubrry (Platinum Sponsor) – Podcast Audience Engagement and Metrics that Matter

Todd Cochrane of Blubrry team joins the #PodcastDay stream! When it comes to podcasting, reliable metrics are critical to determine your show’s audience base, downloads and trends, and are the foundation for lucrative advertising deals. In this session, CEO Todd Cochrane will explain the most commonly used resources to measure your podcast, including Web analytics, podcast statistics and audience engagement, and important insights on avoiding pitfalls as your show matures.

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T.J. Lauerman – From the Sidelines to the Starting Lineup

T.J. Lauerman of ThatSportsGamer – How a passion for podcasting lead me to becoming the community manager for one of 2016’s highest rated video games.

Gina Ryan – Anxiety Relief…One Podcast at a Time

Gina Ryan of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast – Using podcasting as a healing modality along with how it has changed my life and how I work with clients!

#PodcastDay Wrap Up With Steve, Todd & Daniel

Steve, Founder of #PodcastDay and Modern Life Podcast Network, Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry and Daniel J. Lewis, wrap up the 2016 International #PodcastDay event with a reflect on the last 30+ hours of amazing content.  Join the final session as we conclude 2016 with some laughs and getting planning on the 2017 event!

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