As a community we can feed off each other and tell the world about our craft.  Following are suggestions on what Podcasters can “do” for International Podcast Day, but not only to have fun during the events, but to raise the level of awareness of Podcasting.  One of the most important starting points is to engage with individuals which have never heard of or know what a Podcast is.
Start The Conversation……

What you can do for International Podcast Day?

  • Join the live announcement of IPD on Podcasters’ Round Table 30 September.
  • Post the IPD banner on your website and promote.
  • Insert the IPD audio or video promo in you show.
  • Change your social media image with the IPD logo.
  • Attend a conference such as LA Podcast Festival or Podcast Movement.
  • Host a meetup.
  • Give away something on your show to celebrate International Podcast Day.
  • Grab your mic and camera and ask someone—anyone—about their favorite podcast. Share the response and join the worldwide event using #InternationalPodcastDay
  • Create a 30 second show promo and cross promote with other Podcasters.
  • Post pictures of your studio using #InternationalPodcastDay
  • Watch the live Social Stream
  • Have other ideas?  Let us know.

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