How to Listen
The two main tools people use to consume podcasts is the Podcasts App on iPhones/iPads, and Stitcher on the Android side. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also use iTunes, or just click “play” on their website or use software like iTunes (or the Stitcher website).

It’s Free
99.99% of all podcasts are free. Cool eh?

Time Shifted Content
Podcasts are created and published on a website. Then you can consume the content whenever you want. The buzz word for this is “time-shifted” content. I can record it on Monday, and you can hear it on Wednesday. When you listen to radio, if the interview was at 5:15 PM and you missed it – you missed it if your radio wasn’t on and tuned in.

If you listen/watch on a device like a smartphone, you can not only listen whenever you want but wherever  you want. Many car stereos now have an input jack for you to plug your phone into the car stereo.

Broadcasting Vs Narrowcasting
Where mainstream TV and radio try to appeal to massive audiences, many podcasters focus on a specific topic, and go DEEP. You won’t get this type of information on TV or Radio.

Subscribe if You Like it
Podcasts can be subscribed to so that when a new episode is published it is automatically delivered to your device. This way you don’t have to keep going to their website to listen. See to learn how.

Podcast Producers Want to Hear From You
Podcasters Love to connect with their audience. They are starving for your feedback and would love your input. Go to the podcaster’s website and look for their contact information, and reach out the them. They will always appreciate some feedback.

Some (not all) Podcasts Need a Bit of Work
You may have to dig for a true gem. The good news about podcasting is anyone can create a podcast. The bad news is anyone can make a podcast. This means the first podcast you listen to may not be a gem. Don’t give up. There are plenty of great podcasts to consume.

Cheer on Your Favorites
If you think about the money you spend on movies, TV, and other forms of entertainment (that often aren’t that entertaining) you will see that some of that money is wasted. As you may receive MORE value from a podcast than you would a TV show or movie, don’t forget to support your podcast host(s). This can be done by reviewing them in iTunes or Stitcher. It might be clicking on a banner from Amazon. You can often send a donation. To create a good podcast it takes time and a lot of hard work. Don’t forget to support your favorite podcasts.

Tell a Friend
Once you’ve become addicted to podcasts, be sure to tell a firend. That’s what national podcast day is all about!